West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Water and Waste Management, Stormwater Program
601 57th Street SE
Charleston, WV 25304

West Virginia DEPs Multi-Sector General Permit Permit No. WV0111457, effective April 2, 2014 thru February 28, 2019.

III. Monitoring and Reporting

1. Representative Sampling, Sample Type and Sampling Period Samples and measurements taken for the purpose of monitoring shall be representative of the monitored activity. For discharges from holding ponds or other impoundments with a retention period greater than 24 hours (estimated by dividing the volume of the retention pond by the estimated volume of water discharged during the 24 hours previous to the time that the sample is collected) a grab sample may be taken at any time within 24 hours from the beginning of rainfall. For all of their discharges, samples shall be collected from the discharge resulting from a storm event that is greater than 0.1 inches in magnitude and that occurs at least 72 hours from the previously measurable (greater than 0.1 inch rainfall) storm event. Where once per 6 month sampling is required, the samples for each 6 month period shall be collected at least 3 months apart. The grab sample shall be taken during the first 30 minutes of the discharge. If the collection of a grab sample during the fist 30 minutes is impractical, a sample can be taken during the first hour of the discharge, and the discharger shall submit with the monitoring report a description of why a grab sample during the first 30 minutes was impractical. Permittee shall monitor samples collected during the sampling period of January thru June and July thru December.

Magnitude: at least 0.1 inches

Interval Between Storms: at least 72 hours

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