Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Stormwater Management Program
Rachel Carson State Office Building
400 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

01 PAG-03 Discharges of Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities, , effective September 24, 2016 through September 23, 2021

Sampling Requirements:

A minimum of one grab sample must be taken for each discharge of stormwater from an industrial activity subject to monitoring requirements. Samples are required to be collected from a storm even that is approximately 0.1 inches in magnitude and at least 72 hours from the previously measurable (greater than 0.1 inches intensity) storm event. Grab samples must be collected during the first 30 minutes of the storm event or as soon after as practicable. These requirements should ensure that the permittee obtains a representative sample from discrete storm events.

Magnitude: greater than 0.1 inches

Interval Between Storms: at least 72 hours

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