State of Nevada
Bureau of Water Pollution Control

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Stormwater Program
901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001
Carson City, NV 89701

State of Nevada Stormwater General Permit NVR050000 Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activity to Waters of the United States

III.A.4.a Representative Storm Events

III.A.4.a (i) Monitoring, sampling, examinations, and inspections of sw discharges that are required as a provision of this general permit shall be conducted on discharges of runoff from a representative storm event. For the purposes of this GP, a representative storm event is an event with at least 0.1 inch of measurable precipitation that occurs with a minimum interval from the preceding measurable storm of at least 72 hours. The 72-hour interval is not required if either the preceding storm event did not yield a discharge that was sufficient for obtaining a sample, or it is is documented in the SWPPP that a less than 72-hour interval is representative for local storm events for the sampling period.

Magnitude: at least 0.1 inches

Interval Between Storms: at least 72 hours

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